FCL team members are key to our business, and we continue to work to create an environment where all team members can thrive. We believe that flexible work contributes to that goal by promoting a healthy work and home life.

We are pleased to announce that a Letter of Understanding has been reached between FCL and UFCW Local 649 to extend FCL’s Flexible Work Arrangement program to our unionized team members in Saskatoon, SK.

What’s next?

FCL’s Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines will serve as the guidepost for all flexible work considerations and requests. These guidelines provide the context and information needed to help determine if flexible work is right for you and your role.

Flexible work arrangements will be considered in two main categories:

  • Time at work – includes variations in schedule (i.e. 7-3:30 instead of 8-4:30), job sharing,etc.

  • Work location – percentage of time spent working outside your normal FCL work location.Team leaders and members can work up to 100% outside their FCL worklocation.

We strive to be consistent in our overall approach, but given the nature of our operations, the range of flexible work arrangements available will vary depending on both the individual and role.

What you can do

Successfully implementing flexible work relies on consistent and open conversations between team leaders and team members. We encourage you to take time to connect with your team leader, ask any questions you have, and share your preferences or needs for flexible work.

Since current public health orders will take precedent over any flexible work requests or arrangements, approved flexible work requests will not come into effect until it’s safe to return to our workplaces.

In the near future there will be more detailed information shared as part of our re- opening plan along with the next steps required to submit requests, and/or finalize Flex Work Agreements. These flexible work guidelines will continue to be in place for the long term, not just as part of Back to Better.